Who is gré?

I am packing up my little Airstream trailer with all of my photography gear while wearing my roller skates and one of my favorite "Joan" dresses. I see my dog Ella curiously poking her head out of the open car windows with anticipation as we get ready for yet another road trip across the USA. As the radio is blasting I twirl around and skate to the music. Did I mention I am in the middle of New York City?

This is how I dream and how I see the world. I am in love with nearly everything vintage and I always have been. I have a collection of old cameras, I love vinyl records, shooting film puts me in a state of euphoria, and I am in the process of restoring my 1966 Mustang. I may not have the Airstream trailer yet, I may not live in New York at the moment, but this is how I see myself.

You could say I grew up being influenced by the type of photographs I shoot today. My grandmother was a model and singer in Italy and New York. To this day she has nude photos of herself hanging in her home! My father was a photographer and I was always fascinated watching the images magically appear onto the photo paper. So I guess I really have them to thank for my lifelong obsession with photography.