Here are the answers to simple questions! If you have more feel free to email us!

-Who is at your studio during my shoot?

We are an all female team. Usually it is myself, my makeup artist and my assistants Jessica & Brenda.

-I want my photos taken, but only want them for myself. What is your policy regarding privacy?

Privacy is extremely important to me. For that reason I only post images with your permission. The model release has a section in which you can pick what level of privacy you want, including complete privacy

-Do I have to use your make up artist (what if I'm allergic to certain products)?

I have been using the same make up and hair artist for years and feel it is crucial to the look of the images. If you have make up allergies my make up artist will work with you to insure they do not use any products you are allergic to.

-All the women on your site look like models, do you photograph the "everyday" woman?

Lighting, hair & make up and posing is essential in making everyone look their best. Because of my privacy policy I have a mix of models and "everyday" women on my site...you'd be surprised which are the "everyday" women. We have photographed women of all ages, shapes, & sizes. There are some women who have given us permission to show images privately to other potential clients (including befores), if you would like to see those images feel free to contact us. Also read this article written by one of our 50 year old clients!

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-What is your payment policy?

Payments for sessions and books can be broken into four payments, the balance is due by the day of the session and the balance for books is due with final delivery**

-How many boudoir sessions have you shot?

I have been a photographer since 1997 and started specializing in portraiture in 2005. Since 2005 I have done over 500 sessions and average 75-100 sessions a year.

-I don't know how to pose, will you help me?

During your session I will give you 100% direction on how pose from where to postition you legs, fingers, & toes!