Our Team

Jim + Kelly Photography is photography studio based out of Palm Springs, California.

A few silly facts…

• Jim loves anything with a vintage color hazy vibe, while Kelly loves film and black & white.

• Jim + Kelly have been a couple for over 20 years (yep they were still babies of course when they met)!

• Jim + Kelly. Since 1999 Jim + Kelly have driven across country at least once a year (over 25 times total!), they have also traveled across country by train quite a few times.

• Animal lovers; they all have furry children…good thing they have understanding & loving family when they travel!

• Jim + Kelly were both photographers before they met, but neither knew until they both packed a bunch of cameras on their first “real” vacation together in 1997.

• Kelly and Jim live in Palm Springs which fits perfectly with their love of anything mid-century modern and vintage.